Dufferin 230 Club Series Cue Stick. 238 Coffee

  • $69.99

Dufferin’s 230 Club Cues are the latest in a series of quality cues at a very reasonable price. Every one of the 230 Club series cues are made from premium selected North American hard maple processed by vacuum dry technique for great density. Dufferin uses a unique high-durability lacquer finish that resists scratching and lengthens the life of the cue. The cue is accented with a rich coffee stain, maple and ivory rings at the joint and above the butt cap. Maple leaf detail in the butt cap is stained to match. The shaft is made from Canadian Hard Rock Maple, ended in a 5/8'' fibre ferrule and a multi-layer leather tip. This cue also features an Adjustable Weight Bolt System under the unique Maple Leaf rubber bumper.Finally the nylon wrap with semi-coated grip give a great touch and feel to every shot. The cue is finished with a 13mm Mulit-Layered Blue tip, fibre ferrule and comes with an 18T joint. Each cue comes standard in a 19oz. This cue can be custom balanced with the incorporated Dufferin weight balancing system.

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