Sport Squad Arcade Pro Electronic Basketball

  • $399.00

This is a heavy duty version of Double Overtime Basketball makes for on the court action in any game room. It features dual baskets for 1 on 1 two player action and extra wide playing area for increased competition and metal basket rims for authentic bounce. With sturdy 1.5” tubular steel frame it will stand up to abuse. It has an electronic scorer with large LED readouts for keeping track of the score and game time.

The Double Overtime Pro includes eight fast-action game modes:

1. Two-Point Challenge

2. Three-Point Challenge

3. Tug of War

4. H-O-R-S-E

5. Checkpoint

6. Fade Away

7. Side to Side

8. Tie Breaker.

The compact fold-up design uses less space and lockable caster make it easy to move around. Includes four basketballs and inflating pump and needle to get you started.

Assembled size open: 91in x 48in x 89in,

Assembled size closed: 38.5in x 48in x 89in

Weight 150lb


Delivery options:

Delivery and installation within Toronto and area