Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and Delivery of Full Sized Tables and Items Over 66 lb.

If you are considering purchasing a table, please read this information carefully. Please pay
special attention to the instructions for inspecting the table before signing the delivery receipt.
The information on this page applies to full-sized table tennis tables, conversion tops, pool
tables, and game tables (including foosball, rod hockey, air hockey, arcade and bars).



We can only ship tables to the continental U.S. and Canada.

Multiple Tables

If you are buying more than one table, and all of them will be shipped to the same shipping
address, please contact us for pricing.

Shipping Fees

We can offer excellent rates to most destinations across Canada. We will contact you before we process your order so that you may approve the fee.

Delivery Options

The delivery options are listed below. For most tables, the normal delivery option is Curbside
Delivery. For some tables, it is Liftgate Delivery. See the product page for the table that you are
interested in to see which delivery option is included in the price.
Delivery options other than the normal one are available at extra cost. If you select one, we will
contact you with a shipping quote and get your approval before we process your order. If you
wish, you may enter a “Maximum acceptable fee” when checking out. If you do this, we will only
contact you to get your approval if the fee will be more than your maximum.
- Curbside Delivery. The truck driver will ask for your assistance in unloading the carton and
will leave the carton at the curbside.
- Liftgate Delivery. A liftgate truck is a smaller truck with a hydraulic liftgate on the rear that
allows the driver to get the carton off the end of the truck without additional assistance. Liftgate
Delivery is still to the curbside, but you do not have to help the driver as much. Typical cost (if
not included): $25–$106.
- Inside Delivery. The driver and you take the carton off the truck and transport it into the
nearest enclosure, e.g., garage, carport, front door. No stairs. Typical cost: $10–$75. Not
available for shipments to Canada.
-Delivery, Moving in and Assembly. The driver and Helper take of carton of the truck, bring it inside the house or building and assemble. This option is available only  for Toronto and  surround Areas within 50 km. range.  For deliveries over 50 km. The rate is $1per 1km. one way for the  distance exceeding  50 km..

Canceling Your Order

Once your table is in transit, we cannot cancel your order.

Delivery Time

We ship tables directly from the warehouse to you via freight carrier. It takes ten to twelve
business days for you to receive your table from when you place your order. Two-man silver or
gold delivery takes twenty to twenty-five business days. We post tracking information for your
table on our Track Your Package web page within ten business days of when you place your
order. When the table reaches the freight carrier’s terminal near you, the freight carrier will phone the
shipping-address phone number that you gave us (not the billing-address phone number) to set
up an appointment for delivery. Freight carriers do not deliver on weekends or holidays. The
appointment will typically be a four-hour window.
In Canada, the freight carrier Day & Ross may offer you the option of having the table
delivered after 5 p.m. Please refuse this option as there is an additional charge for this service
that Day & Ross may neglect to mention. If they offer this option to you without mentioning the
extra charge, please let us know.

Accepting Delivery

Before signing the delivery receipt, you must carefully inspect the carton. This is extremely
Look on all sides, including the bottom, for holes, crushed corners, cuts, or anything other than
a perfect carton. If you find anything, open one end of the carton and look inside.
Tables are normally shipped strapped to a pallet. If your table arrives not strapped to a pallet,
inspect it extra carefully.
If you find damage, but you think the table can be repaired, then you can write “DAMAGED” on
the delivery receipt and sign it to accept the shipment. This is a judgment call.
If the table has holes, crushed corners, deep scratches, is broken, or has any other severe
damage, then you should refuse it. These are only examples and should not be considered a
complete list of possible problems that should result in your refusing the shipment. If you refuse
the shipment, then write “REFUSED/DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt and do not sign it.
If you do not find any damage and you accept delivery, you must unpack the table and look for
concealed damage within one week of delivery. Claims for concealed damage must be filed
Once you sign the delivery receipt, you are obligated to hold the table and packaging for 120
days or until any claim is settled with the carrier, whichever comes first.

What to Do If There Is Damage

Contact us immediately if there is any damage, concealed damage, or if you refused the
shipment. If you accepted delivery, we will also want a list of parts (from the owner’s manual) needed to repair the table (if possible) and photos of the damage. However, do not wait to get these
before contacting us to let us know that there is damage.
Keep all cartons and packing material. Do not assemble the table. Do not remove the shipment
from your premises until the freight carrier inspects the shipment or we tell you that the freight
carrier will not be making an inspection. If the freight carrier inspects the shipment, keep a copy
of the inspection report.

Shipping of Newgy and iPong Robot Products

The Newgy and iPong robot products listed below are usually sent via UPS Ground. The fee for shipping each via UPS Ground is as shown.
iPong I Robot $15 
iPong II Robot $15 
Newgy 40 mm Upgrade Kit $30 
Newgy Ball Bucket Extender $10 
Newgy Ball Catch Net II $14 
Newgy Digital Upgrade Kit $30 
Newgy Pong-Master Game $17 
Newgy Recycling Net Upgrade Kit $40 
Newgy Robo-Caddy $14 
Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Robot $30 
Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Robot $30 
Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Robot $40 
Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Robot $40 
Newgy Robo-Pong 540 Robot $30 
Newgy Robo-Pong 540 Upgrade Kit $17 
Newgy Robo-Tote Carrying Case $14


Shipping For Other Items

For all other items shipping via UPS ground is FREE if your order $69 and more. If your order is less than $69 there is a handling fee of $6. This is in addition to flat shipping fee of $9.


Free Shipping Policy Restrictions:

Free shipping does not apply to large and/or heavy items (over 66lbs) or any items requiring a freight carrier. Items that have a "HEAVY ITEM" shipping designation will be shipped and billed to you at the most economical rates we have available. Please note: your order total must be a minimum of $69. (before applicable taxes) to qualify for free shipping. 
Our Free Shipping offer applies to most locations in Canada excluding but not limited to: The Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, any island location as well as any other destination requiring ocean or air freight service in any province or territory. This policy also excludes all locations in Canada deemed as "remote" by Canada Post or Fed-Ex.
In the extremely unlikely event that excessive freight rates are charged or quoted by our couriers for any other reason not stated in this policy, reserves the right to exempt that shipment from this policy. In all instances you will be contacted before your order ships to notify you of any extra freight charges not charged at the time of order. At that time you can either approve or cancel your order if you wish.