Table Tennis Robot NEWGY Robo-Pong 1040+Catch Net

  • $899.00


The Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping Pong Robot + Versa Net includes all of the features of the Robo-Pong 540 but adds oscillation and a more powerful speed/frequency controls to the product feature list. The bucket extender expands the ball capacity for longer continuous play. It comes with 40+ poly Robo-Balls so your ping pong robot practice better translates into playing a tournament or club match. Place it anywhere on top of the ping pong table for a wide choice of feeding positions or mount it in the optional Robo-Caddy to get a variety of depths at the back of the table. The bucket design ensures reliable ball feeding into the included Versa Net ball recycling system and is an ideal ping pong robot for intermediate to advanced ping pong players.


Package Includes:

Ball Feeder with Oscillation

Analog Control Box


Versa Net

48 Newgy 2-star 40+ Orange Robo-Balls

Quick Start Guide

Warranty Registration Card