DHS P145 Table Tennis Net Set

  • $82.00

P145 net and posts set is made of heavy duty durable steel with cotton net. The rubber padding on the posts will protect the table top and insure a tight fit when attached. Each post has independent adjustment to correct the height of the net. The net comes with DHS logo. The net and post set has an adjustable hand tightening screw pad to attach the post to the table.


Fitted Play: For International Competitions

Net: #410 Tournament Net

Net Material: Polyester fibre

Length: 1730 +/ - 10 mm

Net Height: 152.5+2 mm

Net Fixing: Inside

Post Fixing: Spring (Screw Type)

72" cotton mesh net and heavy duty metal posts

Tension and height adjustment available, net height gauge included

Net processing is controlled by computer to ensure the net strong and elastic

The post is for use and can firmly fix to the table to keep the net tension high

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