Dufferin Deluxe Billiard Accessory Kit

  • $469.00

Dufferin's Deluxe Play Pack is loaded with everything you need to equip your pool table and start playing in style. All the wooden components including triangle and 9-ball diamond and even the rest handle are finished in one of four stains to match almost any pool table.

Kit comes complete with:

4 Dufferin 2-Piece Deluxe Cues with Wrap,

1 Set Dufferin Pro Balls (Lifetime Guarantee),

1 2-Piece Stained Rest Handle,

1 Nylon Bridge Head,

1 Roman 6 Cue Wall Rack,

1 Dufferin Wooden Stained 2 1/4” Triangle,

1 Dufferin Wooden Stained 9-Ball Diamond,

1 9” Table Brush,

1 Rail Brush,

1 Standard Cue Repair Kit,

1 Plastic Pea Pool Bottle,

1 Set Red White Peas,

2 Rubber Chalk Holders,

1 8’ Vinyl Table Cover,

1 Box of 12 Pro Chalk in 3 Colours,

1 Rule Book,

1 FREE 8 Ball Tray,

2 FREE 8 Ball Cooler Mugs. 

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