Kettler Hallo Outdoor Table Tennis Racket

  • $49.00


The high-performance KETTLER Halo Racket is perfect for outdoor use. Innovative, durable, high-quality Halo™ 5.0 racket is absolutely weatherproof! The HALO 5.0 is manufactured from proprietary K2, a high impact resin that allows for great durability and weather resistance. The ergonomically designed concave handle is easy to grip and comfortable to use. The light-weight design and smooth synthetic rubber blade gives players more control and speed for power shots. The HALO is the perfect match for a KETTLER outdoor table tennis table. It is absolutely weatherproof, has unmatched true playing characteristics, is exceptionally durable, has a concave rubberized ''Ergo-Grip,'' has an air channel high performance core and has infused smooth rubber surface.