Table Tennis Robot NEWGY Robo-Pong 545+Catch Net

  • $695.00


The Newgy 545 Robo-Pong Ping Pong Robot & Versa Net Bundle is an affordable solution for recreational ping pong players and beginners. The robot allows the player to control the ball frequency and ball spin and speed for the learning basic table tennis shots. The Robo-Pong 545 table tennis robot also includes an aim function that allows the user to direct ping pong balls to a specific spot on the ping pong table for repetitive practice of certain returns and shots. This highly beneficial feature is a manual 3-position left-to-right range of ball delivery for added versatility in your practice and training.

Package includes:

Ball Feeder

Analog Control Box


Versa Net

48 Newgy 2-star 40+ Orange Robo-Balls

Quick Start Guide

Warranty Registration Card